Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bill Bartmann Employee Training Programs: Myths and Realty

Bill Bartmann is an expert at developing effective employee training programs. A good training program is our secret weapon; error rates plummet as productivity shoots up. Here are 6 myths about training:

Myth: If I hire quality people, I don’t need to train them.
Realty: This may be true for a very small business with just a couple employees. As your business grows and you become less involved with daily operations you need to know that your employees are taking good care of your customers.

Myth: Highly trained employees will just leave and go to competitors.
Realty: Some might; who cares? You still need the ones who stay with you to be well trained. Good training programs that clearly define your policies and procedures reduce confusion and tend increase employee morale. For the most part, a good training program helps keep employees.

Myth: it cost too much.
Realty: Training should be looked at as an investment that pays you back; not an expense that does not. The return on good training is fewer costly errors, higher productivity and happily returning customers.

Myth: I’ll do it when things get better or I’ll do it when things slow down.
Realty: This sounds like procrastination; when are things ever perfect? The fact is, investing in a good training program will help make things better; less overwhelming; more organized and streamlined.

Myth: On-the-job training is the best training
Realty: On-the-job training is only part of a much larger package; classroom training is vital to an effective training program.

Myth: A mentoring program is better than a training program
Realty: A mentoring program is a type of on-the-job training; it may be beneficial in some industries; however, it too is only part of a bigger picture.

To stay ahead of your competition, create a training program, complete with classroom discussion, lectures, study-guides and on-the-job exercises. A training program is more than just training new employees. Our constantly changing economy and business practices make it necessary for on-going education and training.

Bill Bartmann has owned seven businesses in seven industries, including one business with 3,900 employees. With over 40 years experience in business ownership, Bill Bartmann has created an online business education course, Billionaire Business system, which has helped thousands of entrepreneurs succeed in business, even during tough economic times.